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“The future is in nanotechnology.” You’ve probably heard that before, and there’s a lot of truth to it.

There are two inventions that pushed modern technology so much further: the microchip and the transistor. And as years go by, the transistor has remained extremely useful – and has become much smaller. Today, a single microchip can contain billions of transistors, and as transistors get smaller, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine just how immense the potential of nanotechnology is.

This is why AFM, a.k.a. Atomic Force Microscopy, is fast becoming a buzzword across many industries and fields of study. AFM is key to nanotechnology research. The semiconductors and manufacturing industry, as well as various research fields like cellular biology and chemical analysis, find AFM to be an indispensable tool.

What is AFM?

What is it all about?

Moreover, what can it do?

What applications is it useful for?

The answers to all these questions and more are discussed in this book.

You will learn what AFM is, its history and its underlying principles.

You will also learn the various modes and operations, as well understand the processes that a scan and an image go through to produce amazing images at the nanoscale.

Dive into this book now and enter a world that only an AFM can “witness.”

Camtu Suhonen

Camtu Suhonen is an instructor and an author based in Dalat. She started her first career as an applied physicist. With an education in technology, she is featured as a sci-fi novelist who created writing craft at a very young age. Her stories usually involve modern tech with distinct visionary - Apart from that, her writing activities are non-fiction, self-help, and spiritual truth.